Promotional Benefits Products

Claim Filing Information

Below are the forms for filing a claim under one of the Promotional Benefit products provided by Triton Insurance Company.

These forms include instructions for completion and may be downloaded by simply clicking on the form name, and then printed as needed.

Attention: Our company takes your information security very seriously, please use caution when sending your own personal information through e-mail. If you have questions, or will require proper customer verification, please call our offices during normal business hours. We will only be able to respond to general questions through e-mail correspondence.

Completed forms may be submitted through any of the following methods:
Postal Mail

See Insurance Company name and address listed on the Claim Form

If you cannot find a form or if you have any questions on how to complete a form, please feel free to call our Insurance Service Center at 877-800-0738 during our hours of operation 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Central Time.